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The Rutland Polo Club has links to two HPA recognised coaches in the area, who can offer expert help and assistance to beginners and accomplished players alike. There is another coach who is a professional player that offer his services by private agreement.

Contact Details

Paul Maxfield Gullett
HPA qualified Club Instructor
(0 Goal Player)
Axholme Lodge
Newton Way
Woolsthorpe By Colsterworth
NG33 5NP

Mobile: 07768406618
Telephone: 01476 860146

The Perfect 60 yard Penality

The "General" shows how it's done with perfect results every time.
To begin with, I place the ball in such a way that it can be slightly elevated. While riding the horse, I stretch my right hand and "draw" a wide circle picturing a straight line between the ball and the goalposts. After this, I focus all my attention in the ball.

Starting with the initial position, I pull the mallet backwards (parallel to the horse) so as to find the right distance to hit the ball. In order to be more steady, I sit in the saddle with my heels slightly pointing downwards see picture.

When I'm about 4 mts away from the ball (depending on the speed), I bend forward, always keeping the mallet parallel to the horse

I turn my shoulders and, standing on the stirrups, I raise my right hand as high as possible (the strength of the strike depends on the width and speed of the swing). Then I place my left hand on the animal's neck to maintain my equilibrium. This is when I reach the highest speed

I rotate my shoulders again and hit the ball at its lowest point.

After hitting, I complete the swing with the mallet's head open and facing the goalposts.


The Basic's of Polo - the players view

Remember theses points before making the play.
  • The direction of the line.
  • The right of way and the off side play.
  • location of fellow players.
  • Speed and control.

The Basics of Polo - Tactics

Tactics to gain an advantage over the other team:
  • Look
    - All the time have 360° vision
    - 3 different roles as a player: the hitter, the receiver and defender.
    - When practicing look around between every shot.
    - Make looking behind you a part of the backhand stoke.
    - Exercise your neck before starting play.
  • Adjust
    - To correct your distance from other team members.
    - Be prepared to move laterally by cutting corners or going wide.
    - Make major and minor changes of speed and to inter change positions.
    - To react immediately to mistakes, surprises and brilliance.
  • Team
    - Watch and relate to your best player's action throughout.
    - Check that your four team positions are filled before locating your relevant opponent at that moment.
    - Clearly established your relationship to the ball as direct 25% or indirect 75%.
    - When in possession, the player with the ball should be able to reach another player with either a strong or weak shot.
  • Engage
    - Always ride off and control a relevant opponent whos near to you. (indirectly 75%)
    - Take a quick decision whether to join the line of the ball or bring relevant opponent to the line of the ball, when directly related to the ball (directly 25%)
  • Turn
    - When expecting defence to become attack turn early enough to be the playmaker and in attack before the ball has been hit.
    - If this is not possible turn before the ball reaches you but remain in range.

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