Winners of the 2016 Season

The Hartopp Trophy - Winners - Stapleford Park

L to R Tom Collie, Alex Boucher, Shuif Hussain and Max Weatherby

The Sandicliffe Trophy - Winners - Hawkwind Stud

L to R Sam Outridge, Pippa Dwan, Sarah Jane McEwan and Byron Human

The Findlay Trophy - Winners - Kingscliffe

L to R Nat Crouch, Kate Ewart, S Funes and Hugh Crouch

The Bronze Horse - Winners - Kingscliffe

L to R Neil Berry, Kate Ewart, Ed Winterton and ??

The Rutland Cup - Winners - POD Polo

L to R Joe North, Andy Cork, Tom Leland and Alec Banner-Eve

The Collie Cup - Winners - Specsavers

L to R Jo Davies, Guido Basile, Emma Sanderson and Lord Manton

The Preston Lodge Bowl - Winners - Iguanas

L to R Tom Collie, Ida Thore, Jo Davies and Jack Weatherby.

The Gilks - Winners - Sporting Designs

L to R Alex Wood, Paul Girdham Alex Boucher and Tom Collie

The Belvoir - Winners - Los Salvajes

L to R Jocelyn Habershon Butcher, Adele Abbott, Jo Davies and Ed Winterton

Winners of the 2015 Season

Ranksboro Trophy - Team Marstons

Seavill Bowl - Team Deane Bank

Preston Lodge - Team Stapleford Park

The Assam Cup - Team CANI

The Findlay Trophy - Team Kingscliffe

The Whitbread - Team Young Scotland

Sandicliffe Trophy runners up - Team Ladera

Hartopp Trophy - Team Holmefield

The Escalina - Team Ranksboro

The Masters - Team Deane Bank

More coming soon

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